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Who am i?

If you stopped by my house you would find me surrounded by my son Jordan, my teenage daughters Jasmine and Isabelle, my dogs Bailey and Gracie and my rescue cat Stormie. My robot vacuum would probably be going because I am obsessed with clean floors and there is a good chance Investigative Discovery would be on the TV. I love to travel, especially when I can meet my handsome pilot husband, Jack, on a layover.  We have a blended family that has given me awesome 3 bonus kids, and 5 gorgeous grandchildren. I am pretty passionate about marriage and working through the hard times.

I am a wife & mom who loves to work from my house in my leggings and messy bun. I wear red fingernail polish and would always rather be at Disneyland. 

I believe in love letters

my husband and I spend a lot of time apart, it's the nature of his work and a regular part of our lives. emails kept me going when he was deployed and I fell madly in love with him. We still keep things alive with love letters even if it's just a loving emoji filled text.


I used to be afraid of dogs. Now I cannot imagine my life without them.

Adding a personal touch with custom pieces will make your event special and set you apart from the rest. Contact me to begin the process of planning all the elements to make your event memorable. 

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Envelope addressing is so much fun and in a world full of email, evites and social media events, it's so welcome to receive a beautiful piece of mail. There are many different styles of writing, color selections, flourishing and illustration choices and even stamp options that your envelopes can be completely beautifully custom. This service is of course used for wedding invitations, but it's also perfect for parties, showers, announcements of all types. Start putting your address list together and let's chat.

Custom invitations really let your guests know that this event is something special. Weddings, Engagements & Save The Dates, birthday parties, bridal and baby showers, surprise parties, gender reveal parties, graduation announcements and parties are all perfect times to come up with a personalized invitation to really impress your guest list.
This process usually starts with choosing a theme, color scheme and probably putting together some Pinterest boards to brainstorm favorite concepts to incorporate. 
Contact me to get started on this process of designing something fun 
for your special occasion.

Envelope addressing

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